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By Jim Morris

Well, we got it done. The 2,500 MOBOT irises were cleaned and labeled for the Iris Sale August 13-14 in the Orthwein Floral Hall at Missouri Botanical Garden. I would like to thank the few people who helped with the digging, and with the cutting and labeling on the work weekend, as well as the sale itself Digging was, as usual, hot and humid (102º)!

The sale, while smaller than last year’s, was successful —a lot of people bought gorgeous new irises and promised to be back next year. So we’re spreading the joy of irises. Another big plus was the 24 new members who signed up to join us—WELCOME!

Our next event is the Potluck Picnic, Iris Auction, and Door Prize pickup. It will be held this Sunday, August 21, at Missouri Botanical Garden at 1:00 pm.

We’ve ordered irises from Mid-America Gardens, (hybridizers Paul Black and Tom Johnson) and received $830 worth! The order includes six 2011 introductions and several 2010 introductions. So this is your chance to get a good one! Be there—don’t miss the fun!


Door Prize Winners

If you’ve won a door prize (we draw for five at every GSLIS meeting), this is your chance to pick something special before we auction the rest. Winners may choose from all except 2011 intros.

If you can’t be there to pick yours, send an e-mail or phone Pres. Jim Morris (636-256-3927) to tell him what you hope he can pick for you (list a few). Winners are:

TBs: Bob Squires, Laura Spelbring
Medians: Jim Morris, Kim Peterson
Beardless: Nyla Hughes

Holiday Dinner
TBs: Jim Morris, Inez Mariani
Medians: Lynette Poschel, Jim Poschel
Beardless: Camilla Kotrba

TBs: Kim Peterson, Sara Murphy
Medians: Camilla Kotrba, Bob Squire
Beardless: Ruth Ostrem

TBs: Lou Dickhaut, Judy Watters
Medians: Ruth Ostrem, Orville Dickhaut
Beardless: Camilla Kotrba



We’re delighted to welcome several new members who signed up at the MOBOT sale, and hope they’ll become active participants in iris events! Please make an extra effort to say hello and chat when you get a chance.

A list will be prepared to insert in your yearbook for contact information, as space is too limited to give it all here, but we gladly add:
Juliet Kerman, Jason Lindheim, Sharon Buschart, Kristi Shaw, Laura Dobberstein, Dwight Wyatt, Terry Wheeler, Kathy Beine, Cindy Cryder, Laura Bird, John Clark, Sarah Landis, Marlene Katz, Mary Seright,, Larry & Helen Minth, Kathy Mayer, Karen Newman, Christine Lewandowski, Stephen & Terry Prizer, Joe Markel, Terry & Barbara Romeo.

We hope to see you at the Potluck and Fall meetings!



Sun. August 21 – 1:00 pm –
Potluck Picnic, Iris Auction
& Door Prize Handout

Come to Mo. Botanical, bring a side dish (salad, vegetables, dessert, etc.) for potluck. The club provides meat, drinks, and cutlery.

We’ll have some gorgeous newer irises available for door prizes and purchase to the lucky bidders!! (A list received from Mid-America Gardens is on page 2, and we’ll be adding several medians to it before the big day.) We’ll hope to have pictures with the list on Sunday, but you can look them up at www.mid-americagarden.com.

Sun. Sept. 25, 2:00 pm – MO Room, MOBOT General Meeting and Beardless Iris Auction

This is your opportunity to get Siberian, Japanese, spuria, and Louisiana irises, which are usually not available at the public sales. If you can’t get to the August 21 event, you can choose your door prize from this group as an alternative.

We’re also due for election of new officers, and if you would like to volunteer for something, give Jim Morris, our current president, 636-256-3927 a call. As with most clubs, we always especially need those who are willing to get involved.

2011 Greater St. Louis Iris Society Bearded Iris Auction List

Irises ordered from Mid-Amrica Gardens, hybridizers Paul Black and Tom Johnson (Tall Bearded unless otherwise noted.)

All My Dreams – Black 09
Amber Eyes – Morris 07 SDB
Baltic Sea –Johnson 08
Beauty Becomes You - Black 10
Birthmark – Keppel 11 SDB
Blue Trill - Black 10
Blushing – Black 11
Bright Sunshiny Day – Johnson 10
Burnished – Morris 11 SDB
Center Line – Johnson 11
Cheap Frills – Black 09
Circle of Light – Black 09
Coral Splendor – Black 08
Deep Currents - Johnson 09
Flashy Show Girl – Black 09
Genealogy – Johnson 08
Grapetizer – Johnson 09
I Hope You Dance – Johnson 09
Ink Patterns – Johnson 07
Inspired – Black 09
Living Your Dream – Black 11
Love Me True – Johnson 08
Money In Your Pocket – Black 07
One of a Kind – Black 10
Orange Starlet – Fisher 08 MTB
Out of the Dark – Black 07
Painter’s Touch – Johnson 09
Passionate Embrace – Black 10
Pink Invasion – Johnson 10
Poodle Parade – Black 10
Psychic – Johnson 08
Scatterbrain – Johnson 08
Sharp Dressed Man – Johnson 10
Sordid Lives – Johnson 09
Sprint – Aitken 08 BB
Star In The Night – Black 09 IB
Stir It Up – Johnson 10
Stolen Sweets – Black 09

Stylized – Johnson 09
Thinking Cap – Johnson 11
Wizard of Odds – Black 09
Wonders Never Cease – Black 07

1:00 PM AT MOBOT !!

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