St. Louis, “Déjà Vu” in ‘22

“God willin’ and the creek don’t rise” is a saying in the Midwest to portend future events. Having had to postpone the Region 18 convention/trek in 2021 we plan on “déjà vu” in 2022. Our event for St. Louis garden tours is scheduled for May 13-15, 2022.

Guest irises have been grown from over 30 hybridizers (25 exclusively TBs) and total over 110 seedlings and named varieties. Guest plants were received from Mid-America, Schreiners, Stout, Burseen, Kanarowski, Keppel, Sutton’s, etc. The irises are planted in three guest gardens (Skaggs, Chien and Oakley) and second year bloom this year was outstanding. We even had quite a bit of rebloom in October and November. Our optional tour is set for Missouri Botanical Garden, a magnificent garden with over 1400 varieties from all over the world.

Among the guest irises that performed so well in 2021 were the following varieties.

‘Sunshine Came Softly’ (Barry Hingiss under seedling number HL 2005A). It is a prolific light lemon yellow TB with high bud count and several stalks. Many thought it to be the star this year among all the great guests. Hingiss grows irises in Waukesha, WI.

‘Sunshine Came Softly’

‘Instant Attraction’ (Black 2019, TB) is a lavender over copper bronze.

‘Instant Attraction’

‘Arizona Cave Painting’ (Kanarowski 2020, TB) was large and stunning. The standards are peach, with falls pale blue with two bands of darker blue and a white zonal pattern. ‘Reality Check’ (Tasco 2019, TB) has apricot pink standards and violet-purple falls veined and edged same as the standards. The beards are red. ‘Powder Keg’ (Lynda Miller 2020, TB) is very bright with smoky orchid standards and dark plum falls with plicata marking. It has burnt tangerine beards.

‘Galicia’ (Schreiner 2019, TB) is a yellow-orange blend that performed well.


David Toth from Nebraska sent several novelty irises. ‘Shattered Dreams’ (Toth 2017, TB-SA) performed well in lemon-yellow over falls with burnt orange streaks and with short maroon horns. Other non-guest irises ran the gamut from ‘Strawberry Shake’ (Keppel 2012, TB), in scrumptious pink, to a local oldie ‘Ole’ Silver’ (Dan Moore 1986, TB). They included ‘Sugar High’ (Keppel 2018, TB), ‘Orange Crinkle’ (G. Sutton 2019, TB), ‘Lavender Lemonade’ (Shadlow 2019, TB), ‘Captain Thunderbolt’ (Blyth 2011-12, TB) and ‘Champion Bloodlines’ (Patricia McNeal 2018, TB) among many more.

The Bob Skaggs and Erin Chien gardens are very large and the Renee Oakley garden is a modest back yard planting. Each had wonderful bloom the past two years so we are optimistic for 2022.


  • ‘Arizona Cave Painting’ (Kanarowski 2020, TB)
  • ‘Instant Attraction’ (Black 2019, TB)
  • ‘Sunshine Came Softly’ (Barry Hingiss TB Sdlg HL 2005A)
  • ‘Galicia’ (Schreiners 2019, TB)
  • ‘Powder Keg’ (L. Miller 2020, TB)
  • ‘Reality Check’ (Tasco 2019, TB)

Other TBs in bloom

  • ‘Captain Thunderbolt’ (Blyth 2011-12, TB)
  • ‘Lavender Lemonade’ (Shadlow 2019, TB)
  • ‘Ole’ Silver’ (Dan Moore 1986, TB) local oldie
  • Youth IB-SA star seedling in Chien garden
  • Sdlg IB-SA Ava Toth 20-A06

Registration Information

Convention Headquarters:

Holiday Inn St. Louis – SW Route 66,
10709 Watson Road, St. Louis, MO 63127
Reservations by phone: (314) 821-6600
Mention the “Iris Society”, group rate: $104/night


$70 per person if postmarked before April 15, 2022
$75 per person if postmarked after April 15, 2022
$25 Youth registration
To register with Region 18, print and fill out the form below, which has payment details.


Friday, May 13
4:00 pm – 9:00 pmRegistration at Holiday Inn St. Louis – SW Route 66
4:00 pm – 6:30 pmEntries accepted for Seedling Show
Judging begins after entries are in place.
4:00 pm – 9:00 pmRaffle tickets for sale
7:00 pm – 9:00 pmSeedling Show
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm Welcome and Slide/PowerPoint presentations
8:30 pmRegion 18 Board Meeting & TBIS Board Meeting (separate rooms)
Snacks served during Friday evening activities 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm in Hospitality Suite. See location at Registration.
Saturday, May 14
6:00 am – 7:15 amContinental Breakfast at Hotel
6:45 am – 7:15 amRegistration
7:15 amBuses load for Garden Tours
7:30 amBuses depart for first two gardens
12:00 pmBuses depart for lunch at third garden
4:45 pmBuses return to hotel
6:30 pmBanquet
7:30 pm – 8:30 pmGuest speaker – Delane Langton, “Growing hardy irises in Montana”
Region 18 General Meeting
8:45 pmIris Auction
Sunday, May 15
6:30 am – 9:00 amContinental Breakfast at Hotel
9:00 amMeet in front of hotel to carpool to Optional Garden
Missouri Botanical Garden
4344 Shaw Blvd
St. Louis, 63110

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